Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Gorge new labels!

If you follow any of our social media accounts you’ll have twigged that we’re upgrading all our labelling on our products. It’s been a big project, but it’s all coming together now, and we think it all looks lovely.

Here’s some of our wonderful Dry Skin Balms after having the new artwork treatment. We think they look pretty ace – and they’re selling like hot cakes too, as you’ve realise just how marvellous they actually are!


Our classic lipbalms were the first to get the treatment, and we really love these labels – they just look so clean, and professional!


Look at our awesome perfumes – we think the labels look excellent on our 30ml perfumes and on our 10ml roll- on sizes too.


And here are our divine lip scrubs – we’ve launched three new flavours of these bad boys too – Bubblegum, Parma Violet and Marshamallow – how could you not?!

Lastly, we’re waiting for all our other labels to be printed, but we’ll be sharing photos on our Facebook and Instagram as soon as we get them, so keep your eyes peeled! xox

Friday, 20 May 2016

The secret is out!!

If you follow us on any of our social media pages you'll know that we were teasing you with photos of 700 of our divine Lemon Drizzle Lip Scrubs. What could we be doing with so many goodies?!

Well the secret is finally out. If you've followed us for a while you'll remember back in October 2014 we worked with The Vegan Kind which is an awesome subscription box service. You can choose from a monthly food box, or a quarterly beauty box - or treat yourself to both!

So we <3 -="" again="" and="" asked="" at="" chance="" got="" jumped="" kind="" lip="" making="" much="" never="" p="" scrub="" seen="" so="" sugar="" the="" they="" to="" us="" ve="" vegan="" we="" when="" with="" work="">
We got our brand new labels on the go, and we sent the goodies on their way to be packed into the boxes.

Look how gorgeous they are! We couldn't wait to find out what all the lovely Vegan Kind customers had to say about our lip scrubs, and we didn't have to wait too long - the reviews came in thick and fast on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

This ace shot is courtesy of one of our Instagram followers - thank you so much!

Photo credit to @philoakeysfringe on Instagram

So we're really excited that we've reached so many lovely new people- if you're one of them, a big hello to you! We always love a good collaboration, especially with this awesome company. xox

Monday, 16 May 2016

Annnnnd we're back!

We haven't posted for a month - and for good reason. It's been a really busy month for us as we've been having a cheeky little rebrand before we launch our new website later in the year.

Our rebrand has involved new artwork labels for our products, like the awesome labels on our classic lipbalms.

We're also slowly replacing all of our ingredients labels on our products to make them a little clearer and easier for you to read!

It's all super exciting, our products look much better in their new branding, and we hope it's all a bit clearer for you guys too! We're proud to announce that our rebranding is coming to a close, and as such all our lovely products are now back on sale on our website, and we're rolling out all the lovely new labels!!

We can't wait to see what you think! xox

Friday, 15 April 2016

Stand up for ... vegans?

This post is probably not Fairypants related, not really - but it involves Chief Fairy Natalie, so we thought you might be interested.

In December last year Natalie was asked to take part in an evening of stand up comedy, in aid of Claire House Children's Hospice on the Wirral. She said yes, and it involved several evenings spent in an office in Liverpool learning how to be funny.

December's comedy night was the last for most participants, but Natalie enjoyed it so much that when she was asked to perform stand up at an event in February, she agreed.

She has now performed at three events, and has a couple more in the pipeline - if you'd like to keep up with what she's doing you can follow her here, and watch her videos on youtube! Hopefully you'll find her as funny as she thinks she is.


Friday, 8 April 2016

Hello, new stockist!

We always like to update you whenever we're stocked by someone new, in case they are nearby, and it makes your life easier! Well hello, Devon ladies, now is your time!

Earth Holographic Nail Varnish, available from Ethica

We're pleased to announce we are now stocked by the lovely Ethica down in the centre of Plymouth.

We love making new relationships with other businesses, and we love reaching out and spreading our wings so more and more of you can get your hands on our goodies!

Super shiny Top Coat, available from Ethica

They'll be stocking the majority of our Nail Varnishes, and some of our Nail Varnish Removers too. So make sure you make the trip if you're local - it'll be worth it!

Strawberry & Grape Nail Varnish Remover, available from Ethica
And make sure you drop them a follow on social media too - here's their Facebook so you can keep up to date with what's going on - they regularly upload scrumptious photos! xox

Friday, 1 April 2016

Awesome April!

So it turns out April is shaping up to be pretty awesome - maybe not weather wise but hey - we like making our own sunshine!

We're in love with our insanely bright Neon Nail Varnish - and we reckon it's cute enough to brighten your day.

All 5 colours glow under UV light, and they are so bright you'll need your shades! Pixie, Imp, Mermaid, Siren and Nymph can be yours for just £3.99 each, or you can grab all five for £15 in one of our super cute hand tied gift sets.

Well, how can we make these nail varnishes EVEN more of a good deal for you?

For every gorgeous gift set we sell through our website in Awesome April, we'll give you one of our amazing Nail Varnish Removers for free!

You don't need to do anything - just purchase your Neon Gift set here and we'll pop a bottle of scented remover in your parcel for you. How's that for a spring time treat?

Offer ends  midnight April 30th


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Interview - Part 6

In this final instalment we look at creativity and business.

Interviewer      How do you think creativity and business come together?


Fairypants      I think unless you’re lucky, they don’t. It depends on the area of business. It depends on how creative you are. I’m lucky in that my business is so creative and I’ve got full control over what happens and what I do. I dream about something, I get up the next day and I make it. And then I decide what the artwork’s going to look like, and I make that, and I put it all together. And then I sell it, and I write about it, and I write the blog. And I think having that full control over it, and the fact that it is such a creative thing, from the colour of it, if it’s a nail varnish maybe, or the smell of it or whatever, I’ve got free reign.


Interviewer        Do you think to be an entrepreneur you need to be creative in some way?


Fairypants       I don’t know. I think there are skills that you need as an entrepreneur, and I think you’re really lucky if you’ve got all of them. I’ve not got all of them, I know that, but I’ve definitely got some of them. And I think creativity, like I say, even though it applies really, really heavily to my business, I think you have to be creative in a sense to even think about what your business is going to be. That’s being creative. You know, even if the end product is quite dry compared to a rhubarb and custard perfume, you’ve still had to be creative in that you’ve sat there, you’ve had this epiphany, and you’ve decided to create a business out of nothing.. So I think you have to have it, but maybe in different strengths. So creativity is a really big thing for me. But, like I said, I’ve not got some other skills that I wish I did have.


Interviewer        So do you work during your weekends for your business?


Fairypants      Yes.


Interviewer       So you have very few free time, in some way?


Fairypants      I don’t necessarily have less free time, it’s just it gets booked up in advance. So I know now today, I know today what I’m doing for the rest of this month and the whole of the next month social calendar wise. There’s only a couple of evenings here and there that could be filled up with something. 

But that's how I like it -Each year, is busier than the last. This financial year is already busier than last financial year. So because it grows every year, that’s what keeps me going. If it was not growing, or if it was declining year-on-year, then I’d have to re-evaluate what I was doing. But for now, the fact that I’m filling more orders than this time last year is enough to reassure me that I’m doing the right thing.

Interviewer     So why the vegan products?

Fairypants      It was accidental. Like I said, I found the recipe, the recipe was vegan, and it just made sense to me because whether you are a vegan or not, surely you don’t want to put animal bits on your face. You know, if you’re a carnivore and you eat meat, that’s up to you, that’s fine. You know, veganism is… it can be viewed a little bit like a religion in that if people are a Christian, that’s great. But if people are a Christian and they shove it down your throat and they say, you’re not going to go to heaven because you’re not a Christian, then they’re bad Christians.

And in the same way you have good vegans and bad vegans. So good vegans are vegans who go through their life being a vegan, having a great time, introducing their non-vegan family and friends to vegan things and maybe converting them – that’s a good vegan. But a bad vegan is someone who says, you shouldn’t eat meat, you’re awful, you’re poisoning your body, you’re the sole reason why the Earth is going to explode.

You can’t really get vegan cosmetics on the high street. There is one brand in Superdrug that is completely vegan and not that many people know about it, not that many Superdrug shop it, not every village or town has got a Superdrug. So for that reason I thought, if could create an online business that shouted about the fact that it was vegan, but also at the same time was saying, in order for your lipstick to be vegan it doesn’t have to be brown, it can be blue. So my hashtag on twitter is #vegannotboring because the point that I’m trying to make is, this perfume is vegan, but it doesn’t smell of hemp.. It smells of rhubarb and custard.

Because just because you are a vegan or just because you are choosing to be conscious of what you put on your body or in your body doesn’t mean you have to settle for second-best. It doesn’t mean that as a vegan you shouldn’t be able to get things that non-vegans can get.

 You should have the same amount of choice, if not more choice. And I’m not saying that you have to be a vegan to wear vegan on your face. Because if you make just one small change, then surely that’s better than nothing. You can eat all the bacon you like, but if you’re choosing products that do not contain animal bits, then you are making a difference.


Interviewer        Did you ever consider… well, is it part of your plans in the future to sell on a shop like Superdrug or Boots, something like that?


Fairypants     I would love that. I would never turn down Boots, but Superdrug would be my first choice just because they gave me such a great start in my career and also, unknowingly they did a lot for my business. The things that they taught me I’m still using now, so I still have an affinity with Superdrug and probably always will.


Wow, what a read! I'll be really impressed if you stuck that out right to the end, well done if you did! xox